Find a job with Seamariner

We work exclusively on permanent, fixed term and temporary contract jobs at sea. We also have a shore based division for onshore jobs.

We recruit all levels of deck and engineering officers, ratings and catering staff. We frequently have vacancies for specialised positions such as DPO’s, HLO’s, ROV operators, Dive Techs, Coxswain and many more besides.

There are many good reasons for you to want to be part of the Seamariner crew:

  • We will always be honest with you about your suitability for a role
  • We will contact you when a suitable role arises and can help with the logistics of joining the ship and then getting home
  • We will always ensure you are paid on time
  • We have a fortnightly payroll and will pay you immediately your trip is completed or during the trip as appropriate
  • By registering with us we will automatically send an alert to you when your documents are about to expire and need re-validating
  • You will be notified of competitions that we run exclusively for seafarers

Put simply, register with Seamariner and we will look after you.

Click here to see our latest jobs. These jobs are updated daily with all new jobs being posted immediately on the site. If after searching for a job, you don’t see what you’re looking for please keep coming back and checking.