Covid-19/Coronavirus Statement

Seamariner have continued operating throughout lockdown and we would like to thank our candidates for their hard work during this time, and our clients for their continued support with keeping us updated on their latest precautionary measures onboard their vessels.


As has been the case throughout the pandemic, we will continue to conduct COVID-19 screening prior to any of our Seafarer’s joining our clients’ vessels. We ask that our candidates are completely honest with us when answering these questions, and that if they believe that they could be a risk that they let us know as soon as possible so that we can arrange alternative cover where required.


At Seamariner, we have been in regular contact with all of our clients, and keep a record of any Health Declarations, legislation, and guidance in relation to COVID-19 so that we can inform our Seafarer’s at the earliest opportunity.


If required, we can provide a letter for Seafarer’s to carry when travelling to and from a vessel. This letter will support the fact that the Seafarer is a key worker, and that the travel is classed as essential.


If any Seafarer’s have concerns in regard to joining a vessel or anything else, please contact your Consultant via telephone on +44 (0)23 8084 0374 at the earliest opportunity and we will work to ensure that your concerns are met with a solution.


If anyone needs any further information on the precautions we should all be taking, or the latest guidance and regulations, please read through the official UK Government guidelines:


Again, we would like to thank you all for your continued hard work and efforts throughout this pandemic. The Maritime Industry is important to the UK and Worldwide, and without you the delivery of essential goods and services would not be possible.