MCA & Seafarer Information

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19/Coronavirus, the MCA have released the following guidance regarding expiring Medical Certificates, CoC's, CEC's, and STCW's.

The following details the MCA's Contingency plan and guidelines for the services provided by the MCA: /_files/files/Covid-19_contingency_Plan_and__guidelines_for_seafarers_12-03.pdf

This gives advice on obtaining Medical Certificates: /_files/files/Coronavirus_200312_-_non-availability_of_appointments___003_.pdf

This advises on expiring STCW's and how to temporarily extend them due to current suspensions: /_files/files/MCA_Approved_Course_Delivery_Oral_Exams_and_Written_Exams_During_COVID_-19_Period__002_.pdf